When it comes to hourly employees it is important to track hours worked accurately. Most business overhead depends on it. The money you could be losing can stack up quick. Imagine that Hourly Hannah clocks in early 30 minutes every day. Hannah gets paid $12/hr. That means your company is being cheated out of $6/day, $30/week, and more than $1,400/year. And that’s just for one employee.

Don’t leave your timekeeping to chance. Be sure you are utilizing every penny of your employees time by using one of our time clock systems. Worry no more about employee productivity.

The Simple Solution

Our time clock system allows you access to your employee data in real time. This allows you to see attendance issues as they happen.

Convenience and Accessibility

You can allow your employees to clock in and out using a variety of methods that are most convenient to you. Some of these methods include: web punch, mobile punch, finger scan, or using a timeclock. Your employee data is then available reliably and securely on the web instantly.

Online Reporting

From the time clock system, you can verify and edit employee punches and see updated totals at any time. You can run a variety of standard timekeeping reports online or create your own custom reports.


Our electronic time clock system is ideal if your organization has several branches or locations. Our system is setup to make all your employee data accessible on the same server. Employees can clock in and out at different locations, or using different methods, and all the data will be available in the same place.


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