Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation

Your Workers’ Compensation Premium Payment Solution


Every business owner knows that workers’ compensation premium payments can be a headache. Constant changes in staff, extra employees for peak seasons, trying to find replacement workers – all contribute to the fact that you just don’t have time to manually update your premium estimates.

Payroll Experts offers the perfect way to take the hassle out
of workers’ compensation premium payments.


Payroll Experts has partnered with The Hartford to provide XactPAY, a pay as you go premium payment service that is seamlessly integrated with Payroll Experts’ payroll services. With XactPay, your Hartford workers’ compensation premium is calculated each time payroll is run and that amount then is withdrawn directly from your bank account.

With a normal workers comp policy, you have to pay 25% down each year and then make monthly or quarterly payments.  XactPay eliminates having to make down payments and end of year large billing adjustments due to incorrect estimates.


XactPAY has been designed to increase your cash flow while helping to minimize large, unexpected payments following a premium audit. With Payroll Experts and a Hartford workers’ compensation policy, you can enjoy these benefits from XactPAY:

  • Eliminate large down payments at the beginning of each policy year.
  • Achieve better cash flow management.
  • Eliminate finance and billing fees.
  • Minimize audit adjustments at the end of the policy year.


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