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Employee happiness, company culture, and employee engagement are becoming more and more important to your business. Keeping track of employee data as your business grows gets more and more difficult. Employers are also requesting employee data at a higher rate of efficiency. They want it now! This makes the job of human resources harder now than it ever has been.

Our HR management software helps to ease those burdens and make your job as an employer easier. Let us help manage employment regulations, data storage, and everything in between. Your HR expertise mixed with our software will help create the perfect environment for your business to excel.


Our services will help support your employee at every stage of their time with your company. From onboarding to life events, and even termination or quitting. We will help every step of the way.


Make your life easier by keeping track of all your documentation digitally. All the documents you need are easily accessible, plus you can add, change, or take away whenever you want.

HR Support Center

Allows you to easily find and understand the state and federal laws that pertain to your daily business operations. You also have access to an extensive (customizable) employee handbook, forms, policies, and letters.


Within our HR management software your employees can easily sign up for or waive any benefits you offer them. We can also manage whatever benefit plans you provide.


Need to keep track of employee training and performance? We want to help you manage your employees as fast as we can. Our HR management software allows for you to keep track of each employee and their performance.


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