By:Samantha Durfey

We have some exciting changes taking place at Payroll Experts. We are​ now officially renaming to PayLogics. Your same amazing payroll service that you have known and loved is still here, but PayLogics gives us the opportunity to offer even more to you.

In addition to our already excellent payroll service, we are working to expand some of our other services. Some of you may know that we have offered some of these services in addition to payroll, but for those of you who don’t know, here are some services we will be expanding in the future: time tracking, benefit management, background checks, applicant tracking, retirement management, ​and more.

Over the last 18 years of service we have learned that your relationship with your employees is about much more than just payroll.To help service that relationship we want to provide a complete employment experience for your business.

A note from our owners: “Time has been a great teacher for us at PayrollExperts. We are extremely grateful for all those who have paved the path we have walked and treasure our friendships we have created with thousands of inspiring businesses. We have learned a lot and have come to understand that the employee/employer relationship is about far more than just payroll. Our passion is burning brighter than ever to be your complete Employment Experience Experts. We are thrilled to be introducing PAYLOGICS to the marketplace, a new addition to the Payroll Experts umbrella, our faces and names will stay the same but we will be introducing the “LOGICS” to better connect employees and employers through engaging interactions and empowering solutions.”

We are so grateful for all of our clients who have loved and supported us over the 18years of our business, but we are also very excited for all of the companies we will continue to help with these added services. We know that this move will allow us to be come a much bigger resource to our already dedicated clients.

If you have any questions about our expanding services, how they can benefit your company, or how Pay Logics service will impact your business, please feel free to email us at [email protected]


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