By Burke Brown

Each month we publish an article with payroll facts or questions that we feel might be helpful to you and your business.  This month I’d like to turn the tables and have YOU tell US what information would be helpful to focus on, and have you ask the questions that will be beneficial to you and your business.  To get your juices flowing, I’ll briefly highlight some of the features we offer that I get questions about frequently.  As you read through this list, let your questions/feedback/and comments start flowing.  Maybe it’s a more detailed question about a product, an HR related issue, a legal problem, or some feedback on our services.  No question is too complicated or too simple… as my teachers in school used to say…. there’s no stupid question, so ask away!  We will respond directly to you with the answer to your questions and are really looking forward to this chance to see what’s on YOUR mind.

HR support center: This is an online database of useful HR forms, tips and explanations, as well as access to a team of HR professionals via phone or email. Help with hiring a new employee, the step-by-step process for terminating an employee, manuals and handbooks, and legal forms are all a click away.  If you’re a new business this is a must have as it will help meet your Human Resource needs.

Workers Compensation: If you have employees you need workers compensation.  We have a fantastic option with a pay-as-you-go plan with the Hartford. Not only is the Hartford among the best with rates and service, but the pay-as-you-go method of worker’s comp saves time, money and headaches hands-down over the traditional method of guessing what your payroll will be and coming up with the down payment.

Time clocks: Employees can be expensive, especially when you are paying for unproductive time.  We have time clock options for any size of business.  Using a time clock saves time and money by removing the time-waster of manually adding up employee hours and it also eliminates paying for employees when they aren’t actually working.  But the best part of using a time clock is that it syncs with our system so payroll is as easy as an email saying ‘we’re ready to process’!

Insurance: This includes everything from group to individual health insurance as well as any other type of insurance such as disability, life, worker’s comp, etc.  We can look at your group and find the right fit for you and your company.

In short, if there is a Payroll or Human Resource related question we have the solution for you!

Now that you’re thinking ‘payroll and HR’, hopefully your mind is racing on how to improve your business – or a legal question you have – or an HR issue you’ve been dealing with lately – or a payroll question we haven’t answered in past newsletters.  We’d love to hear from you!  But here’s the key; email us now, before you move onto other important business matters and it becomes one of those things you’ll “get to later”.  Simply send your question to… it’s that easy.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


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