By: Kortni Litster | Payroll Experts, Inc.

Scheduling can be such a nightmare! Covering shifts due to illness, emergencies, vacation, and trying to shuffle people around just to make it all work can be incredibly stressful and time consuming. When I worked retail and someone would be out, I would feel so flustered trying to ensure that everyone was staying out of the overtime zone and that the sales floor was covered as best as possible. I could only have hoped for a solution like ReadySetWork.
ReadySetWork can alleviate a large portion of the stress that comes with scheduling. It has the option to assign each employee to a position/department, while still allowing you to schedule the employee to multiple locations and syncs with your time clock. This real-time tool provides real-life solutions!


This allows you to electronically schedule employees, track hours, and fill open shifts. ReadySetWork imports your current roster so you can immediately build schedules based on availability, skill, and targeted labor costs. It then publishes your schedule online, and pushes it out to your staff via text message, email, and the mobile app.

One of my favorite features with ReadySetWork is that you have the ability to monitor who has and has not viewed their schedule. The tool also indicates whether you have published schedules, how many Unready Shifts, Pending Shift Trades, and Pending Time off Requests. All of these things combined allow you more control of how your business needs are met.

Think of the possibilities! Schools could use this for assigning substitute teachers based on their educational focus; landscaping companies could setup schedules with the job sites in the text; retail or hospitality employees can trade shifts with ease, while still giving you control of the labor cost.

If this is a solution that could help your company, please let your payroll specialist know and we can setup a demonstration! We really do love partnering with each of you and want to do our best to simplify your processes.


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