by Burke Brown

Having just wrapped up the year end process, I want to focus on a list of items that may make life easier for you, as an employer, and save you time and head-ache down the road.

Following is the information you need from every employee, as outlined by the Department of Labor.  Most of this information will need to be passed along to us as well, so we can process your payroll and file taxes correctly.

Also please make sure you fill out an I-9 for all employees.  One recommendation is to keep these in binders, with terminated employees in one binder, and active employees in another binder.

Once you’re confirmed that you have all this information on each employee, take a minute and send that to us, along with any payroll information you receive from the state or IRS.  Examples of this could be your withholding number, state unemployment number, or any other state or federal payroll-related information.  It’s essential that we have these items so we can file the appropriate returns on your behalf. 

Typically the easiest time to get this information is right when an employee is hired.  This will also prevent us from having to bother you down the road because we will need that information to properly process payroll and file taxes.   It will also eliminate more work for you because you won’t have to go back and track down missing information. 

Use some of the resources we give you to help make your life easier – such as our worksheet to submit hours.  This provides a great opportunity to review pay rates and withholding status, verify employee information, and check that everyone is being paid properly.  


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