Frequently my clients ask how they can keep abreast of rapidly changing legal requirements for employers.  As an HR practitioner for nearly 17 years and one who spends most of my day in the world of HR, I find it challenging myself to keep up to date.  The past two years have been especially chaotic with the addition of the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, and National Defense Authorization Act, to name a few.

With our HR Support Center and HR Consulting, Payroll Experts is happy to keep abreast of the rapidly changing world of human resources. But there are other great online resources that are free and easy to access.  Whether you are a business owner or manager of other employees, I recommend selecting one or two HR e-newsletters or blogs to follow each week.  This will be a 15-30 minute weekly investment that could potentially save many hours and dollars in the future.  Here are a few of my favorites:

BLR Daily Advisor                                          

Workforce Week                                           

HR Hero                                                        

Employment Law Information Network      

This practice may not guarantee you’ll stay out of court or avoid an audit by the Department of Labor,  but it should go a long way to preventing some of the common triggers that get employers in trouble.  And, you may find a few best practice ideas that can help improve performance and morale in your organization.


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