Have you considered any changes you’d like to make as an employer for the coming year? The beginning of a new year is not only a time of reflection for individuals, but a wonderful time to consider opportunities in the workplace to make the new year better than the last. Following are some resolutions you may find worthwhile.

Resolve to communicate expectations clearly. Don’t assume that your employees know what is expected of them, especially when a new project or process is introduced. Provide regular feedback.

Resolve to express appreciation to your employees on a regular basis. Nothing reinforces positive behavior quite as well as sincere and specific recognition for hard work. Make sure to balance the private and public praise. Write a thank you note, send flowers to the employee’s home, or give a gift card when you really want to acknowledge great effort.

Resolve to add fun into your company culture. Have waffles for breakfast once a month. Celebrate birthdays and important milestones. Invite employees to participate in a talent show, sponsor a limerick contest, or host a chili cook off.

Resolve to get to know your employees. Invite a different employee to lunch each week and listen to his or her concerns and suggestions. Encourage an open door policy no matter the size of your organization.

Resolve to keep the previous four resolutions throughout the entire year! Make 2011 your best year for your company and your employees.

Carol Nibley, SPHR
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