by: Carol Nibley

Do your employees love their jobs?
Do they look forward to Monday mornings?
Do they refer their friends for open positions?
Do they tell you this is the best company they’ve ever worked for?

If you think it’s impossible for employees to really love their jobs, think again. As the HR Director for a rapidly growing local organization, I receive positive feedback from nearly every employee on a regular basis. I can honestly tell candidates considering offers from us that our employees are happy. While our organization isn’t perfect, I believe we share certain characteristics with other successful employers. Here are a few:

Perhaps you would like to improve employee morale, reduce employee turnover, and/or increase your bottom line this coming year. Consider implementing one or more of the suggestions above, and think of adding something unique to your culture that will increase employee loyalty.

In a future article we discuss the benefits of becoming a great place to work!

Have  a happy new year!


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