By:  Travis Ward

“A Perfect Payroll” this is what I love to hear and I know employees and employers love to hear this!  This has always been one of our top priorities, so I will address things that can be done to help achieve “A Perfect Payroll”.

I’m sure most of you have realized that your company has been assigned a company number in our payroll system.  When calling, emailing, or faxing, please try and include your company name and number on any correspondence.  Most of the time we can figure things out, but we have found we now have many companies with very similar names, so by adding the number with the name this eliminates any guess work.  We also get information sent to us all the time with no company name, so we have to stick this in an unknown file that hopefully at some point we are able to figure out.  If you don’t know your company number you can find it on all of your payroll reports, or feel free to call and we can provide this for you.

Payroll Experts will accept many formats when submitting payroll.  We have payroll worksheets that we can provide.  This will list all of your employees, along with their employee numbers, pay rates, and deductions.  All you need to do is review these then add hours or other pays in the appropriate field and submit.  These worksheets are nice because they get in front of you every pay period the most recent information we have in our system.  These worksheets can be provided by paper, PDF or in Excel.

We also have our time clock that is available.  When you use our time clock, you log in and review employee hours and verify everything is correct, then call or send us an email to go ahead and process payroll.  From this point we are able to export all hours and import them directly into the payroll system.  Now many of you already have time keeping systems that you use to track employee hours.  These also work great.  The one thing we have found that greatly helps is if you add employee numbers in front of the employee names.  By adding the employee number in your time system, this greatly speeds up turn around and reduces the chance of an error.  The same is to be said about spreadsheets.  By adding the employee number, this greatly improves turnaround time.

Now I’m not trying to say you need to use one of these methods.  We want to work with you to make your life easier, so if one of these isn’t an option, please contact us so we can brainstorm and I’m sure we can come up with a solution that will work for you.

The last part in producing “the perfect payroll” is time.  We will always do everything we can to turn payroll around as fast as possible.  Payroll Experts guarantee is that we will process payroll by the next business day.  This does not mean that direct deposits will be next day, because keep in mind they take 2 business days and the cut off time is noon.  Next day turnaround in this industry is pretty much unheard of .  All of the time, we are able to meet, or significantly beat, the next day turnaround time.  We will continually strive to maintain this quick turnaround but are unable to always meet the expectations of payroll being submitted at noon  or later and delivered that same day.  When payroll is submitted late, this creates undue pressure and the chance for payroll to not be processed in time.   Please help us, help you, by avoiding the habit of turning payroll in last minute.  This means, please try not to submit payroll the day of payroll, or only 1 day before payroll if you have direct deposit.  If your pay day falls on Friday, and you have direct deposit, please try and get payroll submitted on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning at the latest.  If pay day is on Friday and you don’t have direct deposit please try and submit payroll on Wednesday or by Thursday morning at the latest.

If you currently have any questions or feel these suggestions won’t work for you, please contact us and let’s sit down and brainstorm some options to make the payroll process easier for you.  We also have many ways to streamline the process of getting payroll data back into your accounting system.  If you feel you might benefit from this, please contact us.  My guess is we already have the ability to make your payroll process easier and just aren’t aware of what you need.

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come!


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