By:  Burke Brown | Payroll Experts, Inc


As another quarter comes to an end we at Payroll Experts want to thank you for your business.  We truly do appreciate your support and trust in us and value the relationship we have with you. 

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received from your survey responses and want you to know that we take the time to review and discuss every response.  In doing so we’ve noticed that many clients are interested in additional products and services that we already offer, although they often weren’t aware they were available.  Some of the more commonly requested products/services are:

* Online Payroll—We have a few different options available:

– Our Xpress portal is very simple and great for the 1-20 person companies.

– We also have PlatinumPay for 20+ employee companies.

* Employee Self Service—Allow your employees to access their personal information, tax info, pay stubs, W2s, etc.

* Time & Attendance—We offer a variety of options that import directly into payroll thus minimizing human errors and cutting down on wasted labor.  Everything from web based to physical clocks, biometric fingerprint readers, mobile apps, and more.

* Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation—Take the hassle out of Workers Compensation with our automated premium calculation and payment tool.

* Quickbooks import—Import net payroll figures.  Imported transactions will include Check Number, Paid to, Net Check Amount and will be coded to Quickbooks Expense Account “Payroll Expenses.”  Tax Deposits will also import and be coded to Quickbooks Expense Account “Payroll Expenses.”

* HR support—We offer a variety of options for HR support, whether you are tracking within our PlatinumPay software or need help with legal forms, HR guides, Q & A, employment law posters, etc.

* Scheduling—Effortlessly schedule and communicate with your staff through a variety of communication tools instantly.

* Accrual Tracking – Let us increase accuracy and save time with automated accrual tracking either through payroll or timekeeping.

With the quarter coming to an end please remember that in order to file quarterlies we need all your account numbers as well as the Social Security Numbers for your employees (active and inactive if they have been paid this year).   Please make sure we have that information to prevent additional fees, late filing penalties, etc.

For clients in multiple states, you may have recently noticed a breakdown of the different states on your invoice.  This is to help clarify the different states we are filing returns in as well as identify states that you may not have employees in anymore.

In short, if it is related to payroll we have you covered.  Give us a call or talk with your processor and let us help simplify your life.  Again, I want to stress how much we appreciate your business.  It is so exciting and fun to grow with you!


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