By:  Mark Ward | Payroll Experts, Inc

Spring is in the air.  I love the changing of the seasons – to me, it means something new, something different.   With the coming of spring I thought it would be good to talk about what’s new within our online payroll product, Platinumpay.   Not all of you are users of Platinumpay, but read on!  Many of the features within this product can still be harnessed to simplify your payroll process.
The Powergrid….  The Powergrid is available in Platinumpay.  We all know how powerful Excel is.  Many of you are using excel to help calculate commissions, bonuses, hours, etc for payroll.  With our Powergrid you can now copy and paste your payroll information right from Excel into a Powergrid.  This then imports right into payroll.  Powerful, fast and easy!

Within Platinumpay we have now included access to our time keeping system.   This means you can manage employee Time and Payroll all within Platinumpay!

Another enhancement in Platinumpay is the opening of a custom reports portal.  Payroll information empowers you as you make decisions affecting your business.  Using Crystal Reports we can custom build reports grabbing the information you desire.  These reports will then be uploaded to your Platinumpay login enabling you to run these reports anytime, anywhere.
To empower your employees we’ve now incorporated within Platinumpay an Employee Self Service manager system.  This powerful tool allows you to email your employees an invite to setup an online employee self service account.  This account allows them to view paystubs, W-2’s and other important payroll data.

Please remember we are dedicated to simplifying your payroll experience.  If there is a step along the way that is causing you difficulties with the payroll process reach out to your payroll specialist.  Over the years we have seen clients experience many different challenges associated with payroll and have built systems or processes to help solve those challenges.  We love challenges, let us know what you are experiencing and together we can find solutions.  We love being your partner and are committed to your businesses.


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