By: Travis Ward

Wow the year is flying by! Thanks to our many wonderful and loyal clients we have been busier than ever. Thanks for putting your trust in us for your payroll and benefit needs. I hope we have been able to meet or exceed all of your expectations. If we have fallen short anywhere please let me know and I will immediately do everything I can to meet your expectations. Client referrals are our biggest source of new clients and I want everybody to know how much we appreciate that you trust us enough to talk to your friends about us.

With all of the growth we have experienced we have implemented some procedures to ensure you continue to receive the same great service you’ve come to expect from us. There are 2 major changes we have made in the last few months. 

First, we added a new email address for all clients to use to continue to receive our industry leading fast service. This new email address is How does this email benefit you? We found that individually we were getting bombarded with emails. This new email is constantly monitored by our entire payroll team and as a team we are able to respond much quicker. Most of the request we get can be handled by anyone in the office. If we come across an email we aren’t sure how to handle we can quickly get the email to the correct person. This is also very nice when somebody is out of the office, we no longer have emails waiting in an inbox that doesn’t always have somebody monitoring it. You will find that when one of our team members pulls from this general mail box they will reply to you to let you know they are working on your request and they are now your contact until your need has been fulfilled. Along with this email, please remember your calls are always welcome.

The second change, we’ve added new team members! Many of you have now noticed Stephanie is no longer with Payroll Experts. I would like to give her a big THANKS for the many years she was with us and she will truly be missed. With that being said we have hired 3 wonderful and very capable team members who are all jumping in and are ready to serve. These new team members are Kristi Whetten, Debra Kallunki and Linda Jackman. All three of these individuals are already capable of assisting with most needs and if they need help they are quickly able to ask for assistance from the rest of the team. Enjoy getting to know them!

I again would like to thank the best clients in the world for putting your trust in us. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you for many years to come.


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