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Hi Clients and Friends!  I hope you are enjoying and also benefiting from our PayrollMatters Newsletter.  I want to thank Carol Nibley and Jonathan Driggs for their amazing contributions.  They are leaders in HR and Employment Law and are a tremendous resource.  Your business will benefit by using their services.
As an employer, I’m sure you often receive the mailers notifying you of your responsibility to post certain employment posters.  I often get calls asking if you have to buy these posters.  Employment posters are required, but you are not required to buy them from these vendors.  The vendors do provide nice laminated posters but you can also access these posters for free.  Every state has different poster requirements that need to accompany the required federal posters.  For this article we will focus on the required posters for the State of Utah.  The Labor Commission of Utah gives the following poster guidance and links to the downloadable posters:

Required Posters for the State of Utah
Here is a list of the State and Federal Posters that are required to be posted at your place of business.



Please contact your Payroll Experts team with any questions or for help finding the required posters in other states.


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