by: Travis Ward
Over the past 10 years we have all heard the horror stories about how a payroll company was collecting payroll taxes from their clients and not forwarding them to the appropriate tax agencies.  Yes, the payroll companies that have taken taxes have and are being investigated and we have seen some people sentenced to some jail time.  But that still doesn’t solve the problem for you, as a business owner, having to come up with money again to pay taxes that you thought were already paid.  I know for most businesses having to pay payroll taxes twice would be very hard if not impossible.  Can you imagine having to come up with ten, twenty or even thirty thousand dollars to pay something you already paid?  I have seen businesses get stuck with bills much lower than these amounts, but I have also seen them get stuck with bills much higher.

It is important that you as a business owner choose wisely who you do business with.  Payroll Experts has now been processing payrolls for over 15 years.  We guarantee our service 100%.  If you ever receive a penalty because of something Payroll Experts does incorrectly, we will pay the penalty as long as the information provided to us was correct.  Payroll Experts operates debt free, if we can’t afford something we don’t buy it.  This is how we have grown our business and we plan to continue to stay debt free.  We don’t use your tax money to operate our business.

Any payroll company can offer a great guarantee, but are they willing to back it up?  Payroll companies have become good at pulling the wool over their client’s eyes in many different ways.  Some companies charge a low fee while upping the unemployment rates higher than what they really are.  The client then feels they are getting a great deal, when in reality they are paying more in unemployment than they need to, and this difference is where the payroll company make  their money.  Employee leasing companies are famous for this!  Unemployment taxes have limits.  Some payroll companies continue to collect taxes even after these limits have been reached, only to pocket the money.  There are many ways we have seen payroll companies try and give their clients the warm fuzzy feeling that they are getting a screaming deal.

Here at Payroll Experts we promise we don’t employ any of those sneaky tactics.  We don’t ask you to take our word for it, we ask you to verify for yourself.  If at any time you want to know what tax rates we are charging you, we will gladly review them with you.  We actually advise you to verify your tax rates and that your tax payments have been made with the appropriate agencies.

I will now review how you are able to go online and confirm your tax payments and rates.

No matter what state you are in we pay your federal taxes using the government’s EFTPS system.  You can go to  and enroll.  Once enrolled   you can login and see all of the dates and payments we have made on your behalf.  At this point you can verify that the payments match what we have collected from you.

State taxes vary from state to state, but most state have websites where you can login and view payments and returns filed on your behalf.  Because the majority of our clients are in Utah I will review the process for Utah.  For your Utah unemployment tax you can go to and set up a user name and password.  Once logged in you can view all of your returns, payments and your rate.  For Utah withholding you can go to and set up your user name and password and there you can view all of your Utah withholding payments and returns.



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